Just by having a metal roof, you can save up to 40% on energy costs. Our experienced roofers can help you choose the right color for your application. The color coating can have a substantial impact on savings, and our coating systems are considered one of the best in the industry. Either way, our products help to reduce the solar heat on homes, which reduces energy expenses for cooling.

At Edmonton Roofers, we are committed to supplying our customers with the most modern, high quality metal roofs in the industry. Residential metal roofing has been our specialty for years and we’re excited to share our success with you, so you can experience it. Even if you’ve had metal roofing in the past, our products stand out from the rest with our unique features.

We have products to fit many applications, and they’re all highly recognized in the roofing industry. Our residential metal roofs can combat high winds, the harsh sun, heavy snow, and other severe environmental elements. This provides a worry-free and low maintenance roof. Our metal roofs have the ability to ward off elements that other roofs can’t, it’s that simple.

We have been customizing metal roofing and metal siding for decades. We are confident our roofers can get the job done, no matter how simple or complex the project is.



Commercial metal roofing can save up to 40% on your energy costs, therefore it’s a great investment. Color coating matters, and that’s where we come in to help. Edmonton Roofers color coating systems are sought after in the industry and considered one of the best. In both cases, our products help to reduce the solar heat load on your business property, thus it reduces energy costs for cooling.

If you want to make a great investment for your business, we strongly recommend a metal roof. Metal roofing materials are significantly more durable than other commercial roofing choices. There are things to keep in mind when considering getting a new roof: monthly energy costs, maintenance costs, and property value. It would be beneficial to replace an old roof with our commercial metal roofing materials, after reviewing all the benefits. Edmonton Roofers offers a large selection of metal roofing supplies for commercial applications. 

Metal roofs are durable, and come with many unique features, making it an attractive option for commercial property owners. We have a wide range of options to fit any home, business, or facility.   Our line of steel roofing materials come in more than 20 different colors. Browse our models online or talk to us today to find out what Edmonton Roofers can do for you.

We have been customizing metal roofing and metal siding for the past 20 years. When you’re Googling “roofers near me”… look no further! Despite how simple or complex the project, our roofers can get the job done right.







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