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Edmonton Roofers believes in serving customers as best we possibly can. After receiving several requests, we have finally been able to please our customers much further. We are happy to say, that we now offer  siding services for your home. We ask that you leave this job for the pros here at Edmonton Roofers – you don’t want to be stuck on a ladder all day with such a hefty job. Trust that we will choose the right siding materials so that you don’t have to go back to the store to make a necessary exchange, which wastes time and possibly money. If you scroll further down you will see some of our best siding options available, and we will be happy to custom order any other siding not listed on this page.

If you are on a tight budget yet need the help of us pros, don’t worry! We have vinyl siding available to you. This type of siding is extremely low-cost and goes very well with vinyl gutters to give your home a brand new look requiring very little maintenance. If you don’t like the idea of doing repeat paint jobs on your house, then this option is ideal for you. Call for a list of color schemes, and choose your favorite. Calling us to do this type of work will leave you free to go about your day worry free!


Our next type of siding we may suggest is called fiber cement siding. This siding is used both commercial and residential. The materials used in this siding are usually sand, cement, and other cellulose fibers. When you choose fiber cement siding as your preferred siding you won’t have to worry about warping, or any meticulous painting jobs just like vinyl! This type of material is a little more pricey than a typical vinyl siding, but it offers you long term maintenance-free protection for your home. By the way, it looks amazing.

Do you like the look of beautiful stone siding? This shouldn’t shock you because we have that siding readily available. If you desire a pleasing aesthetic, we suggest you take a look at our diverse stone veneer options. One of our Edmonton Roofers pros will bring a catalog showcasing some of our most well-liked options.  We promise they will knock your boots off. There is nothing more striking than stone veneer on your beautiful home. This type of siding takes a little bit longer to install when compared to vinyl siding or fiber cement siding, but it is definitely worth it.

Please ensure to call us so we can help you choose the siding that is perfect for your home. We take pride in every single job we do, which means you will be well taken care of.​


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